Substitute Teacher Business Cards

Posted on August 1, 2008


Last year, I had great response from both principals, secretaries and teachers when I left my contact information. I typically would leave a follow-up letter with my email and cell phone number in the classroom for teachers. For the person responsible for lining up substitute teachers they regularly received my updated availability via email or a short note at the end of the day.

This year I am ordering business cards from VistaPrint. They have a line of free business cards that are on excellent quality card stock and in color. I have been using them for year for my other endeavours. I picked a professional but relaxed style of card to input the following information:

My Name

Substitute Teacher


  • B.S. English Writing
  • Americorps Worker 2002
  • Substituting since 2001



Writing Workshops Available

Every business card is slightly different and your fields may vary. I like the idea of including some of my qualifications. I also gave thought to including my strongest subjects. I am developing writing workshops, nature journalling, poetry and other visiting writer lesson plans, so I included this on the bottom of the card.

If you have been using a business card as a substitute teacher feel free to comment below and give a link to your example(s).